Why my bras are easy to mold

Why my bras are easy to mold

The bra is one of the most intimate and most intimate contact with the body of the skin. It is tightly wrapped around the woman's chest. Regardless of whether it is in a relatively sealed state in the spring, summer, autumn and winter, it is difficult to form convection with the outside air, and it is difficult to dissipate heat and disperse moisture. It will produce relatively more sweat.

A breathable bra:

In addition, the composition of sweat - 98 ~ 99% of the composition is mainly water, and a small amount of urea, lactic acid, fatty acids, proteins and so on. These are the nutrients of mold, the survival matrix.


The mold absorbs moisture and decomposes sweat components in this temperature, humidity, and nutrient environment that it enjoys. So sweat attachments (especially for continuous use) can become moldy.


Washing and changing frequently, bra material as breathable as possible, you can reduce the possibility of mildew.


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