The bras cost a lot of money, but it' s certainly worth it!

The bras cost a lot of money, but it' s certainly worth it!

Everyone thinks that bra is expensive. It may be because bra is like two pieces of cloth, and the price is the same as the price of a skirt. In fact, the real 'expensive' is the price is higher than the value.


The reason why consumers feel bra expensive is mainly because they do not understand the difficulty, cost and technical content of the bra. The bra industry is an industry that relies heavily on the supply chain, leaving the supporting environment and can be said to be difficult. It is not an exaggeration to say that the design, production and sale of bras is a systematic project. The supply chain is long and complex, and the production process is the most demanding and the most complex process in mass production. This is also the reason why the manufacture of bras is relatively The main reason for the more centralized manufacturing of clothing.


The high prices of bras are mainly reflected in the following points:


#1 High-quality materials

The skin of women is in intimate contact with the bra every day. Therefore, the material issues are directly related to the health problems of the body. In order to ensure the safety of the bra, relevant standards have been issued and strict regulations have been made on the ph value and the methanol content. Therefore, the bra manufacturer must send textile fabrics to the designated inspection department for fabric safety testing before the production to ensure that the fabrics meet the standards.


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#2 Complex production process

Bra production process is more complicated, and its production process is longer. Some decoration processes, due to time-consuming and labor-consuming labor unions, cause a decline in production efficiency and increase labor costs. In the production process, embroidering, decals, printing, inserting, and other processes will be used as embellishments, which will also increase the cost. Although bras use less material than outer sets, the cost of materials saved is lower than the increase in the cost of the process. Moreover, the bras used in the selection of accessories are more stringent and the cost is also more.


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#3 Research and development costs

A really comfortable bra, there are many factors to consider. For example: How to better protect women's chest? Three-quarter cups, one-half cups? Thin on the thick? Full cloth? Is there a steel ring or no steel ring? How to prevent sagging? Wash will not be deformed? Is the back clasp good in two rows or three rows in good or four rows? How wide is the shoulder strap? During the exercise, the chest is shaking violently. How to protect it best?

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#4 Additional items

Promotion: It is understood that in a sales price of 290 bra, the tax is 58, accounting for 20% of the price; sales, advertising costs are 121.8, accounting for 42% of the price; company operations, administrative costs are 5.8, 2% of the price; net profit of 75.4 accounted for 26% of the price; raw materials for29, accounting for 10% of the price. The most shocking thing is that the advertising cost of brand promotion has already accounted for more than 40% of the price of the product, but 80% of the consumers know it because of advertising and decide to purchase it.

Inventory: bra size is relatively large, 70/75/80 multiplied by ABC is 9 sizes.

Experience: The clerk is professional and the wrapping paper is also beautiful. The non-extrusive fitting room, spacious shopping environment is also the cost of the bra you purchased!


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